You’re a Grownup.. (DON’T PANIC)

By | Ciara Speller

Stocks. Bonds. 401 K. 403 B… Any of this ringing a bell? Well, I personally was lost when it came to terminology pertaining to investment planning and financial management, until a little business located at 1653 Beacon Street in Brookline, Massachusetts, came to my rescue.

Society of Grownups, which was founded by MassMutual and design consultancy IDEO, offers assistance to “grownups” who wish to learn more about money and how to handle their funds. Society of Grownups is a learning initiative that seeks to change, and open up the conversation around money. But one of the coolest things about this business, is the warm and cozy environment that you are in during your time there.

dont panic

Wall filled with all calendar events in the month of February being offered by Society of Grownups. photo credit: Ciara Speller

Upon walking in, you are greeted and offered a beverage to bring into your class. Each table in your “classroom” is also equipped with an array of snacks to nourish your brain while learning about your future endeavors.

Over anything else, the number one perk of this business is how comfortable they make you feel when talking about something that can make you feel so uncomfortable ( that’s right money!).

“Money is the latest taboo and what makes us unique, is that we want to bring a social and comfortable aspect when talking about money,” says Karen Carr, who instructed the Basics of Investing Level 1 course I took.


Complementary handouts given to each student by Society of Grownups. photo credit: Ciara Speller

Carr, who is also a certified financial planner professional, eased our class into the crazy and intimidating world of investing, helping us with our investment goals and defining our time horizons.

What makes Society of Grownups Unique?

Society of Grownups offers various other classes in addition to their Investing class. Such offerings include-chats, networking events, one-on-one sessions, couples events and every Friday they offer a free admissions event, which ranges from board game night to  happy hour.

Located right off the Washington Square stop to Cleveland Circle via the Green Line, Society of Grownups is easy to access and definitely something unique to do in the Boston area if you get that spark to learn a little more about saving and planning for the future.


Basics of investing Level 1 course gathering their thoughts on future life planning and personal goal making. photo credit: Ciara Speller

With extremely reasonable prices, and even greater company, a class with Society of Grownups is well worth forgetting about your worries and your strife for the night.


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