Check and Mate

By | Ciara Speller

Board games, best friends and BYOB (if you are 21+ that is), what could be better? Lucky for you, a little place by the name of Knight Moves exists for you to combine all three for a night full of fun. 

Knight Moves, the only board game café in New England, is a unique place for coffee lovers who indulge in a game of Battleship, to enjoy a low key night or even a quiet afternoon- seven days a week.

Gabrielle Lee, a frequent patron of the board game café says that Knight Moves has many distinct characters to it, one of those characteristics being a place that is helping rid of the epidemic of loneliness and promoting ways to not be anti social.

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The café not only offers hundreds of unconventional and traditional board games, but also offers weekly events. Monday through Wednesday the café offers unlimited gaming for $5 and Thursday through Sunday it is $10 for unlimited gamming.

“I really like that it’s a cool alternative to going out and partying,” says Jackie Arnold, a sophomore from Boston College.

The cozy, living room type café allows you to bring your own food and drink while playing, but they also provide snack food and café beverages for very reasonable prices.

Why does Knight Moves feel that they are unique?

Daniel Ansted, who has worked at the café for about two years, feels that Knight Moves is unique because their business provides a social aspect that may not always be possible at a bar. Ansted enjoys his job because it never feels like a job to him, just a way of helping people in a unique way every day.


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