A Cross-Cultural Experience

By | Ciara Speller

In a loft located in the busy streets of Boston, two cultures come together, formulating a truly uniquely and beautiful experience.

At 1024 Commonwealth Ave., across from Boston University, Sabina Jilla, originally from Gujrat ( a state in the western part of India) is working her magic and creating detailed murals by hand through the art of henna.

Jilla opened her salon  just two months ago, after having this very dream of owning her own Boston business, prior to opening her shop.

Practicing the art of henna for 15 years and counting, Jilla enjoys bringing this unique art to the Boston area, as it is not something that you see everyday.

Not only trained to paint henna tattoos, Jilla also offers a wide range of services for all of her patrons.


What makes Infinity Threading and Wax Spa unique to Jilla?

“Not everyone can do henna. It is an art that takes a lot of control and practice. There aren’t too many salons in this area either,” says Jilla.

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