Gracefully Gracenote(d)

By | Ciara Speller


One flat white cappuccino made with almond milk and a pear ginger muffin, coming right up, exclaims Alessandro Bellino ( San for short) over the roar of the coffee roaster in his cafe.

Bellino, the owner of Gracenote Coffee Roasters, located at 108 Lincoln Street in Boston’s Leather District, has created something that sets his cafe aside from all others in the area.

The Italian-inspired coffee shop has created tight-knit bonds between its customers and staff, due to its open and conversational type set up.

“There is nothing like it in Boston,” says Ray Angelone, a regular to the shop.

Angelone says that Gracenote allows individuals to interact with one another because there are no seats and tables to seclude yourself from while sipping on your espresso. Instead, Bellino has installed unique stand up resting bars for the patrons of his shop to converse with one another.

But before opening up Gracenote in October of 2015, Bellino’s unique business was in the form of a shop on wheels, known as the Coffee Trike. When the opportunity for him to open a formal coffee shop indoors came, he took it.

What makes Gracenote Coffee Roasters unique?

Bellino believes that the shops cool vibe, high quality of coffee and doing what they do with a lot of care is what sets his coffee shop aside from others in the area.

Regulars at his shop agree with Bellino, adding that ” they know what they are doing,”  and “they really care about their products and servicing the needs of their customers.”

Between the pastry offerings that are brought in-house by Townsman  in Boston, cafe beverages and friendly environment, Gracenote Coffee Roasters is a must visit unique Boston business for a delicious cup of joe or caffè as the Italians would say!


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