The Kocktail King


Adam Lantheaume | photo credit :

By | Ciara Speller

Before Adam Lantheaume became the king of cocktail making and founder of The Boston Shaker, he was a techie guru who also dabbled in the unique hobby of  model ship making.

The father of three and lover of the ocean, Lantheaume is an alum of Ithaca College, where he received a degree in cinema and photography.

Lantheaume’s background in filmmaking might come as a surprise to those who know him for his passion of craft cocktail making, but there is much more that meets the eye for the man with the shaker.

Having previously worked for Akamai Technologies, Lantheaume enjoyed working with computers and learning the ins and outs of technology. But this like for gadgets quickly turned into a strong liking for creating unique concoctions.

The current Salem, Mass., resident was fond of the libations that the B-Side Lounge (which has since been closed) was creating and serving  a few years back, when he realized his love for mixology. Lantheaume remembered not being able to find products that would allow him to replicate these concoctions at home and figured that others were having the same problem.


Adam playing around with an ice mold | photo credit : Ciara Speller

So he decided to “solve his own problem” as he put it, ditching his job with Akamai and opening a store that provided customers with some of the finest cocktail-making instruments and ingredients.

Lantheaume, who starts his daily routine in “daddy mode” caring for his children while his wife gets some free time working out, incorporated The Boston Shaker in 2008. Three months later, the business was then moved to Grand in Union Square before relocating to their now, Davis Square location.

Lantheaume and his wife Kris presently co-own The Boston Shaker together and continue to watch their Somerville location flourish and grow.

He says that watching his business start as an idea, and then bringing it to life has been fulfilling, especially because he has been able to help so many individuals along the way.


Adam and employee Zach | photo credit : Ciara Speller

When asked which one word Lantheaume would like his customers to think of when they reflect on his business, he replied ” trust.”

Cocktail wizard, dad, husband and friend, these are the many sides of Adam Lantheaume.



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