Doughnut Believe Me? Try It For Yourself!

By | Ciara Speller

When a chocolate-sprinkled brioche doughnut and a soft serve swirl slab of ice cream join forces, a truly magical and delicious tastebud-experience happen, that words cannot explain.

ice cream doughnut sandwich

Doughnut ice cream sandwich | photo credit : Ciara Speller

Who created this genius idea you ask? Well, none other than the delightful Blackbird Doughnuts, located in Boston’s South End.

Not only is Blackbird cranking out dozens of these heaven sent ice cream sandwiches daily, but they are also baking their brioche and cake doughnuts in house.

This unique Boston business first opened its doors at 492 Tremont St. in January of 2015, when Rebecca Roth, the owner, satisfied a pregnancy craving with a Chicago doughnut, and decided that Boston needed a business that would cook up something just as good.

Blackbird Doughnut Shop

Interior of Blackbird Doughnuts | photo credit : Ciara Speller

Roth, who also owns The Gallows and Banyan Bar + Refuge, two  unique Boston gastropubs, is serving up some pretty unique doughnuts for all you lovers of sweets with a flare.

When asked what their most extreme doughnuts have been, Bakery Director, Tara Bresnick, said that they have created potato skin doughnuts, pizza doughnuts and even everything bagel doughnuts. A current fan fave is their new signature doughnut the “Blackbird” doughnut, which is a vanilla bean old fashion styled doughnut.

making doughnuts

Doughnut preparation | photo credit : Ciara Speller

The shop even makes special orders, providing elaborately designed doughnuts for any type of event. Blackbird has made doughnuts for proposals, gender reveals, corporate events and even Super Bowl parties. The featured doughnut for Superbowl 50 was a chip and dip doughnut, made with house-made French onion dip and ruffle potato chips.

On an average weekend, Blackbird Doughnuts is selling around 3,000 doughnuts, and always carries 12 large sized flavors with two mini stack options.

Brisneck, who has appeared on the Food Network show, Sugar Showdown with head baker Anna Roine, recalls baking 9,000 doughnuts for a World Trade Center conference. There is no challenge too big for this local sweet shop.


Doughnuts galore | photo credit : thedonuthunter

What makes Blackbird Doughnuts unique?

Blackbird Doughnuts does not limit themselves, and is always coming up with crazy ideas and running with them, all while incorporating locally sourced ingredients, says Bresnick.

If you are ever in the South End, and want to try some high quality unique pastries, Blackbird Doughnuts is your place!


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