Chilean Creations at Chacarero


Juan Hurtado in his kitchen at Chacarero | photo credit : Ciara Speller

By | Ciara Speller

Juan Hurtado, owner of Chacarero in Boston, has seen many years of success with his business, and the love from his returning customers keeps him going everyday.  But things were not always this way for him.

Hurtado reflected on what his days were like as a struggling Boston business owner.

As a way to make ends meat to provide for his wife and two young children, Hurtado’s journey to success started 20 years back when he decided to bring  his unique Boston business to life.


Chicken chacarero made by Hurtado | photo credit: Ciara Speller

What makes Chacarero unique?

His current location at 101 Arch St., started out as a little push cart that Hurtado maneuvered around the streets of Boston.

Years later, Hurtado a Chilean immigrant, is confident in saying that there is nothing like what he is brings to the table in the area, having used the same spices and ingredients in his cuisine while residing in Chile .


Hurtado serving his freely made chacarero | photo credit : Ciara Speller

Hurtado prides himself on his handwork and everything his business he has been able to accomplish. Hurtado sees great things for the future of Chacarero, and acknowledges his family assisting him in helping live out his food mission and passion for the art of fine chacarero making.


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