Bacon, Gravy and Fries, Oh My!

By | Ciara Speller

Imagine a world where poutine with cheese curds from Pineland Farms in Maine, piled high with bacon bits and friend egg toppers that stack up inches high on your plate.

How about cookie butter and jam panini sandwiches? And not just for dessert!

And last but not least, 13 uniquely crafted dipping sauces like Vampire Slayer and Curry Ketchup for all you French fry lovers alike, who want to jazz up your palette every once in a while. Personally, I’m a fan of the Olé Chipotle (chipotle in adobo, lime juice, cilantro, housemade mayo)and Green Monster (jalapeños, habañeros, fresh cilantro, garlic).

Well after graduating college and unsuccessfully landing steady jobs, Tanya Walker, Chin Kuo and Renee Eliah came up with the idea to create Saus, a French fry late night grub stop in Government Center.

Walker, who is also the Catering Manager says that the now five-year-old business started out with fries, poutine and waffles when they first opened, due to their lack of culinary experience but their hungry customers begged for something more as time went on.

What makes Saus unique?

In addition to its extensive list of dipping sauce options, Saus‘ menu also ranges from Spicy Tuna Rolls to their take on Green Eggs and Ham (Brussels sprouts, pork belly, deep fried egg and bacon part). And they making everything from scratch in their kitchen!

This unique Boston business is also providing their customers with various adult beverages to go along with their eats as well.

And though Saus has spread its wings and soared with their current menu, Walker says that their focus is still on their dipping sauces and condiments. 

“My favorite is the truffle ketchup, and it goes really well with the poutine actually,” said Walker.

Courtney Carlson, who was visiting friends in the area from Chicago, said that her friends and herself were looking for a local place to eat when the stumbled upon Saus on yelp, with great reviews. 

” We got the peanut butter and soy sauce and that was really good and we all got the mushroom grilled cheese which was also really good,” said Carlson.

Saus is located at 33 Union Street in Boston and even keeps its doors open as late as 2AM on Friday and Saturday, for those who need a little late night pick me up.

From pork belly poutine to apple pie Saus is definitely a unique Boston business, and a diverse one at that!

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