Blood, Sweat & Clean Water

By | Ciara Speller

Did you know that 40 percent of the Navajo population in New Mexico live without running water?

Right here in the United States people are struggling to prepare food for their family and even bathe due to not being able to access safe and sanitary water.

Every day instances like this get overlooked by our busy lives, but Janji, a unique Boston business that sells workout apparell and gear is making a difference.

What makes Janji unique?

Janji is linked with water crisis organizations in the U.S., Ethiopia, India, Haiti, Kenya, Peru, Rwanda, Tanzania and Guatemala, that provide one person with a clean  water supply for a year when a customer purchases apparell supporting this country.

Co-owners Mike a Dave got the idea to create Janji after reflecting on their past competitive running experiences and how water access played as essential role in being able to nourish their bodies while competing.

The co-owners knew that access to water in their races were essential and felt for those around the world who were not able to experience a normal day and active lifestyle due to not having access to safe water, so they launched Janji to spread awarness.

 Janji’s apparel encourages runners to fund solutions and raise awareness for the global water crisis in a lasting and meaningful way. Prices for apparel items range from $18 to around $100 and there is also a page for each country Janji supports, which provides a static regarding the water crisis. 

” Wow, I had no idea that a place did something like this.  It is something really important to be aware of and help out. I will definitely be shopping there in the future,” said Alex Culkin, an avid gym-goer at the Weymouth Club.

Located at 119 Braintree St, Suite 414 in Boston ( with a pop up store currently located at 114 Newbury St), Janji is encouraging all you athletes alike in the area to make a difference and spread awareness about the water crisis conflicting our world.

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