Go Local

By| Ciara Speller

Shopping in locally-owned Boston businesses is easier than you’d think. Out of the 3,300 shops and restaurants in Boston, 43% of them are locally-owned small businesses. Locally owned eateries and retail stores play a major role in society.


Each flag represents roughly 47 locally-owned Boston businesses. | photo credit : Ciara Speller


Small unique Boston businesses add character, increase choices for shoppers and restaurant goers and provide opportunity for income in lower-income and immigrant communities.

Shopping local is also good for the Boston’s economic health. According to datacommon.org, “National research by the firm civic Economics indicates that 68 cents of every dollar spent at a local business remains local through taxes, payroll and other expenditures; in contrast only 43 cents of every dollar spent at national chain stay in local economy.”

Michelle Smith knows first-hand how important shopping locally can be. Smith works as counter staff at Lyndell Bakery in Somerville, the oldest scratch bakery in New England, opening its doors in 1887 and still in business today.

Smith says she has watched the bakery grow and flourish over the years due to the reoccurring business from locals who have become regulars and visited the shop for decades, which has kept the bakery’s door open for so long.

Small Boston businesses have paved the way for great success and economic stability. Most importantly, small Boston businesses have allowed customers to find stores with unique qualities which emulate their personality and likeness, allowing the steady trend and cycle seen amongst small businesses in the Greater Boston area to continue.

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