Shoes.. OMG Sudo Shoes!

By | Ciara Speller

What do you get when animal by-products, animal made glues, harsh chemicals and synthetic materials are extracted from your everyday trendy foot apparel?  You get 100 percent vegan shoe ware from  Sudo Shoes, a unique Boston Business and one of the only all vegan shoe stores in the country.

Sudo Shoes ( 1771 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02140) just a quick walk from the Porter Square T station, has been serving Greater Boston’s vegan and vegetarian community in its quaint location since 2010.

Sudo Shoes

Sudo Shoes, Porter Square. | photo credit: Ciara Speller

Owner, Scott Fitzsimmons, said the idea for opening up this 100 percent vegan shoe store that now sells over 30 brands of vegan shoes and various vegan handbags was a no brainer.

At the time he decided to create a store where vegan shoes were accessible for purchase, no one else was doing it and there was a high demand for them in Boston, which has “gone vegan” Fitzsimmons said.

“Shoes are such a necessity. It seemed like the right thing to do,” said Fitzsimmons.

It took a year for this practicing vegan musician to get Sudo Shoes up and running, which started out with only 12 brands of shoes in the store.

But 6 years of servicing the Boston community with an entire vegan practicing staff who really care about their products and the concept of being environmentally friendly, is why Fitzsimmons believes that the vegan shoe store is where it is today.

What makes Sudo Shoes unique (besides the obvious)?

Fitztsimmons believes the overall concept part makes Sude Shoes unique.

“We don’t preach at all.  We just want you to know that there are other things out there. We want you to know what you are buying and won’t sell you things you don’t need,” said Fitzsimmons.

Sudo Shoes welcomes shoppers of every dietary tribe, not just practicing vegans. Prices range from low to the higher end, just like any other shoe store, and Fitzsimmons is carrying popular brands like Madden Girl, Blowfish, Rocketdog and even Merrell.

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