FoMu Allston

By| Ciara Speller

There is no better feeling than indulging in an ice cold smoothie after a long day in my eyes.

Actually, I am retracting that statement…

There is no better feeling than indulging in an ice cold smoothie after a long day that is dairy-free, and not being able to tell the difference.


FoMu Allston | photo credit : Ciara Speller

At FoMu, located at 481 Cambridge St, in Allston, and 617 Centre St. in Jamaica Plain, owners Deena and Hin Tang are serving up some sweet vegan treats for this now heavily populated vegan community.

This unique Boston business only serves things made from scratch, with plant-based and minimally processed ingredients. And it’s not just smoothies on their menu, but they also have around 16 ice cream flavors at all times, baked goods, ice cream cakes and other hot beverages.

What makes FoMu unique?

Haydee Irizarry who works at FoMu Allston says that the owners are not vegan at all, and neither is majority of their staff.

“They just want to offer a healthy alterative to people who you can’t have dairy, or who can’t have gluten. It’s just an alterative ice cream store that’s giving people the opportunity to experience desert in a different way,” said Irizarry.

At FoMu, you can create your own concoctions to your liking, for a reasonable price, which is a plus!


Lavender ice cream with blueberries smoothie | photo credit: Ciara Speller

I went with a lavender ice cream smoothie, with blueberries, almond milk and vanilla rice protein, racking up at just under $8 after tax.

Prices range from $3 for cookies up to a little over $40 for ice cream cakes after tax.

Oh and 655 Tremont St. in Boston’s South End will be getting some TLC from FoMu soon. Stay tuned!


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