Paradise Awaits…

By | Ciara Speller

Last week I needed a quick break from reality.

So I hopped on the T and end up in Mexico, where I saw the most beautiful prayer cards and medallions.

A few minutes later I was in Morocco, trying on necklaces with some of the country’s most precious stones in them.

And some how I found myself in India, modeling Kurta’s at a boutique.

It was simply amazing…


But I did find myself at Nomad, “ the most global” store in Cambridge, and a unique Boston business selling fair-trade goods from all over the world.

Nomad has been a fan favorite, servicing members of the Greater Boston community for 26 years.

Owner, Deb Colburn started her store as a booth at street fairs. Once it took off, she decided to open a permanent location.

Nomad first opened on Newbury Street in the 90s, where it stood for 10 years. Colburn then relocated to its now 1741 Massachusetts Ave. location in Cambridge, and has been there for the last 16 years.

Accessible from the Porter Square T station, this “anthropologist’s paradise” (as Display Manager, Lena Voghel describes the unique shop) is selling an abundance of items that support non-profits, helping artisans in foreign countries.

What makes Nomad unique? 

nomad image.JPG

Nomad | photo credit : Ciara Speller

“There are one-of-a-kind items brought back to be sold in this store. Some items are wrapped in clothing in a suitcase from Moracco, India and Mexico just to be sold here,” said Voghel and Jess Shada, Store Manager at Nomad.

Nomad sells folk art, clothing, interiors, children’s apparel, accessories and jewelry which range in price.  And if  you need something new and different, you can find it at Nomad Voghel said.

Did I mention that Nomad is dog friendly?  And is promoting environmental friendliness by asking customers to bring their own shopping bags to avoid a 10 cent charge, which the city of Cambridge is now enforcing.


photo credit: Ciara Speller

With final exam week approaching for many college kids out there, a mini vacation would be nice… But a trip to Nomad will probably suffice!

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