Brewin Beers With Buds ( The Home Edition)

By | Ciara Speller

In the last five years, small urban stores have started to really “pop” and develop.

Amongst those stores- unique Boston businesses that allows you to brew a nice cold one in the comfort of your own home!

That’s right, home brewery supply stores are alive and flourishing.

Tome Casey, who owns the Boston Homebrew Supply store, a unique Boston business located in Coolidge Corner at 1378B Beacon St. in Brookline, owns one of only two home brewery stores in the metro Boston area.


Owner, Tom Casey of Boston Homebrew | photo credit: Ciara Speller

So what exactly can one expect upon entering a homebrew store?

Basically, Casey is providing all the tools that someone would need to create a brewing paradise in the comfort of their own home.

At Boston Homebrew costumers can choose from 50 grains for brewing, and even have the option of using gluten free additives in their mixtures, for those beer lovers who have gluten intolerances.

The Boston Homebrew Supply store is fully stocked with equipment kits, kettles, and various ingredient flavors to get you started off as a homebrew wizard for roughly $200. And if there is something you wish to add to your concoction but do not find it at this location, Casey can make sure to find it for you!



Did you know that home brewing was not federally legalized until 1978?

How about that about a million Americans brew their own beer at least once a year, according to the American Homebrewers Association? 

Beer Brewers in the US.png

Each flag represents 20 million brewers in every state who brew once a year. | photo credit : Ciara Speller


Men would brew in their garages as a way to conceal the home brewing process and continue to do so presently, but no longer need to hide it.

“It’s not just your middle-aged man brewing in his garage in the suburbs now, a lot more women are doing it too,” said Casey.


What makes Boston Homebrew Supply unique?

“I try to provide the best experience for customers. I want to have the best grain mill, best pops and yeast for their brewing.” said Casey.

Casey’s location is also home to the Boston Homebrew Supply Club on the last Thursday of every month, and he says his club members are his “fiercest advocates” and always want to learn more about the process.


50 grain assortment | photo credit : Ciara Speller

This “one man show” is open six days a week and is in the heart of Coolidge Corner, easily accessible by the Green Line to Cleveland Circle.


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