Connecting at Olive Connection

By | Ciara Speller

Tucked away on a quiet Brookline Street, is a little piece of Italy, Greece, Spain and even Lebanon.

Olive Connection, located at 1426 Beacon St., is a unique Boston Business, bringing forth some of the best olive oil, balsamic vinegars and other cooking ingredients in the area from countries across the world.

The family owned businesses, run by Morry, Carol and CJ Sapoznik, doesn’t just sell authentic supplies  that any foodie would love, but also hosts weekly events that allow customers and guests to experience tastes from various countries.

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On April 5, the Olive Connection hosted an event entitled “An Evening in Sicily” where guests were able to experience oils, wines, cuisine prominent in this Mediterranean island and socialize amongst one another for the evening.

Fourth generation olive cultitvationsist, Giuseppe Taibi presented his olive oil line to guests for sampling, and explained what makes each oil unique.

” Each olive has a different taste, and you will not know about it unless you are tasting it,” said Taibi in response to why oil tasting is a unique experience.

The Sapoznik’s also brought in Chef Emily Vena of La Morra Cuisine to cook in front of guests with products from their store and to teach more on the art of Italian cuisine.

Sad that you missed out on this delightfully tasty night? Not to worry, Olive Connection has many more informational and food filled events coming up!

What makes Olive Connection unique?

“Having fun, meeting  wonderful people and being independent. Being independent allows us to meet local artisans and bring that taste to peoples table, but it also give us their passion. It’s about hospitality and being a part of the neighborhood,” said Morry and Carol Sapoznik, in regards to what makes their store stand out from the rest.

Visit Olive Connection  for more information on this unique Boston business!

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