Creative Place, Creative Space

By | Ciara Speller

Boston is known for many things. One thing being, creativity. It has been known for producing talented artists and is starting to become highly recognized for new fashion innovations.

Because of this, there was a high demand for a local spot centered around these concepts, and eager Bostonians were not finding a combination of the three, a few years back.

Since no one was taking matters into their own hands to create a unique space where artists could get their juices flowing, promote themselves, perform and network at the same time, Nick Urciuolo, the CEO of MASS Apparel, a unique Boston business in Allston, decided to make it happen.

MASS Apparel

photo credit | Ciara Speller

MASS Apparel, located at 383 Cambridge St., is a “one stop shop” in the making, providing local talent with a place that allows their voices to be heard. The goal of this Boston based shop, is to provide a place where any type of artist is able to freely express their innovations, no matter what they are bringing to the table.

This men’s fashion boutique (showcasing their own brand, as well as local brands), meets recording studio, meets print shop, hit the ground running just 2.5 years ago and has filled the void that local talents were not experiencing, ever since.

“It’s a space for creative people to use when they need it,” said Urciuolo.

This unique Boston business, encourages talents to showcase who they truly are, houses concerts, album release parties and opens its doors for charitable events as well.

What makes MASS Apparel unique?

“We honestly haven’t seen anyone doing what we’re doing. It’s an all around shop.” said Urciuolo.

Another unique quality of MASS Apparel is how it gives back to the community outside of its doors. The shop has paired up with a local high school, in efforts to foster a better support system.


photo credit | Ciara Speller

“We mentor kids from Brighton High,” said Director of Marketing, Devon Pittman, in regards to how the shop gives back and helps out in the community.

Their customer friendly demeanor and artistically welcoming vibe is what allows the shop to bring more attention to what they are doing, and Alex Breski, an artist contributor, said that he believes  MASS Apparel is “the best place in the city of Boston to do so.”



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