Joyful Plates for Everyone

By| Ciara Speller

Many households throughout out the U.S. have at least one family member that deals with dietary restrictions or that has a food intolerance.

In these cases, cooking family meals that everyone can eat and enjoy is somewhat impossible…


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Thanks to PlateJoy, a unique online Boston based business, prepping meals for the whole family has just been made a lot simpler and enjoyable for the whole family.

Why PlateJoy is unique/how it works:

STEP 1- Customers are asked to take a three minute personalization quiz which helps PlateJoy design a meal plan for users before they are asked to approve their customized menus.

STEP 2-PlateJoy then organizes the ingredients that each customer will need into a time  shopping list that is easily accessible by phone and for print.


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STEP 3-Personalized recipes are sent off to the customer, with only ingredients that match their diets and are fitted to their time constraints.

STEP 4-Time to enjoy PlateJoy meals every week that are tailored to your dietary needs and lifestyle.

Bon Appétit. 



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